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Administrative Professionals Day Dinner - 25 April 2018

Welcome to SAAP



The Singapore Association of Administrative Professionals (SAAP) is an non-profit professional body representing administrative professionals and secretaries in Singapore.


SAAP serves as a platform for administrative professionals and secretaries to participate, contribute and learn from the various talks and activities organised.  It is also an avenue for administrative professionals and secretaries to network, interact and relate their work experience with the peers.


SAAP works in partnership with employers and organisations to promote and enhance the skills of the administrative professionals and secretaries to position them in the context of modern management.


To students doing business administrative studies, SAAP gives them the impetus to progress and develop their chosen career.  They will also pick up invaluable tips from those already in the profession.


  • To create and promote the professional standards through the Professional Code of Ethics.

  • To provide a system of qualifying examination to ensue recognition of those who aspire to the standards and ethics of the Association.

  • To encourage research and development to improve the skills and efficiency of practicing administrative professionals.

  • To co-operate with employers and other professional bodies to enhance the status of the profession.

  • To provide a platform for networking and interaction amongst members whereby they can share their experience and expertise.

  • To disseminate relevant information for the professional and personal development of members.

  • To receive funds and levies to enable the Association to lease, purchase and maintain its premises as well as to undertake other projects.

  • To do all such other lawful things as the Association may consider appropriate to meet the objectives of the Association.


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