Association of Secretaries and Administrative Professionals in Asia-Pacific (ASA) Congress – 2023

The Association of Secretaries and Administrative Professionals in Asia-Pacific (ASA) was formed in 1974. The formation of ASA has provided an opportunity for administrative professionals and secretaries in and around Asia to meet and to share their knowledge, culture and work experience with one another.

The main objectives of ASA are :

  • to gain recognition for administrative professionals and secretaries as professionals, and
  • to promote friendship, understanding, unity and the exchange of ideas among administrative professionals and secretaries in Asia.

An ASA Congress is held biennially and it is hosted by one of its member associations on a rotation basis according to seniority of their membership in ASA.

Singapore (SAAP) hosted the 3rd ASA Congress in 1978 and the 16th ASA Congress in 2004.

The 25th ASA-Congress in Bangkok, Thailand: A Memorable International Gathering  from 8 to 12 September 2023.   The chosen  theme was “Glow with the Flow”.

ASA congresses play a pivotal role in fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the cultivation of enduring relationships among administrative professionals in an increasingly interconnected world. The 25th ASA-Congress, hosted in Bangkok, Thailand, provided a unique opportunity for more than 300 delegates from 11 member countries, including nine (9) members from the SAAP, to come together and engage in a mutually enriching experience

Upon touching down at Suvarnabhumi Airport, we were greeted by the bustling energy of the airport, a heartwarming sight after a prolonged period of lockdown. The 25th ASA-Congress held immense significance for regional administrative professionals, evident from the warm welcome extended by APSAT Thailand's representatives.


From left to right, Evelyn Ng, Maria Zulueta, P Sumathi, Advisor - Sim Siew Gek, Advisor and ASA Coordinator - Margaret Chan Wee, Ruth Ooi, President - Josephine Kwan, Patsy Tan and Diana Koh

Throughout the 2nd day (9 September), experts from various fields delivered enlightening presentations covering the latest developments and trends. The interactions with colleagues from diverse backgrounds, each offering a unique perspective on shared challenges, proved invaluable. Additionally, we gained insights into our counterparts' initiatives and research projects in other member countries.

On the 3rd day (10 September), featured a lineup of esteemed speakers hailing from diverse member countries. The depth of research and effort invested in their presentations for the ASA Congress was evident. The topics covered included Work-Life Integration, Preparation for the Wean Off, Essentials of Educating Beyond, Art of Transition at Work, and Being an Actionary.

The congress concluded with a closing ceremony, recognizing, and awarding outstanding contributions in the field. Witnessing professionals' hard work and dedication being acknowledged was truly heartening.

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We look forward to participating in the upcoming 26th ASA Congress in 2025 at Sri-Lanka .


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