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SAAP & HUONE Singapore Collaboration - Administrative Professionals Series - 12 October 2018

SAAP collaborates with HUONE Singapore to make your Friday afternoon a productive one!

1. At this event, you will attend a workshop by High Spark, Visual Persuasion – Creating outstanding power point slides that communicate and follow by a tour to HUONE Singapore to discover fun and creative meeting venues for your corporate events.

Building your Emotional Quotient (EQ) through Better Communication Skills - 19 July 2018

It has been said that in life, it is not just IQ that is important; EQ is equally important. Benefits of this workshop:

1. Learn about the Parent, Adult and Child Ego states inherent in all of us and how to transact with the effective ego-states.

2. Build up your EQ and enrich and empower your relationship with your family, colleagues and customers.

3. Practical tips on good and poor communication skills.

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Administrative Professionals Day Dinner – 25 April 2018

In celebration of Administrative Professionals Week, SAAP is organizing the Administrative Professionals Day (APD) Dinner on Wednesday, 25 April 2018.

We cordially invite all bosses to sponsor your administrative personnel for the dinner event, in recognition of your appreciation for her contribution and dedication to the Company and the industries.

Register now or download the registration form or call our Secretariat at 63237523.

Sponsors of Administrative Professionals Day Dinner 2018:


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