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Administrative Professionals Week (APW) Workshop - Emotional Intelligence at Work (Navigating Relationship for Success) /16 April 2024

Dive into the essence of workplace success by learning about "Emotional Intelligence at Work.” Uncover the keys to understanding and managing emotions, both yours and others, fostering a workplace environment rich in collaboration and productivity.

Elevate your professional relationships, enhance your communication skills, and set the stage for a thriving career in this interactive fun-filled learning experience by Psychologist Dr. Fred Toke.

A complimentary hands-on session for attendees on "Looking Poised and Stylish" by Rose of Sharon - 16 April 2024, 7 pm to 9 pm..

Early bird close on 10 March 2024.

Download workshop flyer or contact our Programme Chairman, Sim Siew Gek at 96547641 for more details.

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