SAAP Management Council 2019/2020

A team of Management Council members manages the day-to-day matters of the Association. These members are full time working administrative professionals/secretaries and their services to the Association are voluntary.

Left to right : Christina Chong, Alice Guerzon, Maria Zulueta, Priscillia Soon, Sim Siew Gek, Grace Seow, Daisy Wee, Ruth Ooi


President: Ms Sim Siew Gek

Vice President: Ms Priscillia Soon

Honorary Secretary: Ms Grace Seow

Assistant Honorary Secretary: Ms Daisy Wee

Honorary Treasurer: Ms Maria Zulueta

Assistant Honorary Treasurer: Ms Alice Guerzon

Membership Chairman: Ms Ruth Ooi

Programme Chairman: Ms Christina Chong

Advisory Board 2019/2020

The Advisory Board comprises of three Past Presidents of the Association, appointed annually by the Management Council and they are:

      • Ms Josephine Kwan
      • Ms Margaret Chan Wee
      • Ms Teo Ser Cher

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees, comprises of three Past Presidents, is elected to hold in Trust all immovable properties belonging to the Association and they are:

      • Ms Marlene Foo
      • Ms Margaret Chan Wee
      • Ms Teo Ser Cher

Standing Committees

Education Committee

  • Keep abreast of the latest methods and procedures related to administrative practice
  • Organise educational and other self-improvement seminar/workshop for the benefit of members and public

Membership Committee

  • Responsible for recruitment and selection process of members
  • Organise membership drive programme
  • Maintenance of membership records, reviewing and updating of membership status

Programmes Committee

  • Organise social and recreational activities
  • Coordinate community projects

Public Relations Committee

  • Promote the Association
  • Liaise with the mass media as well as other professional associations within and outside Singapore
  • Strengthen fellowship spirit amongst members and
  • Responsible for publication of the Association's newsletter