SAAP Management Council 2023/2024

A team of Management Council members manages the day-to-day matters of the Association. These members are full time working administrative professionals/secretaries and their services to the Association are voluntary.

Advisory Board 2023/2024

The Advisory Board comprises of three Past Presidents of the Association, appointed annually by the Management Council and they are:

  • Margaret Chan Wee
  • Sim Siew Gek
  • Regina Tan

    Standing Committees

    Education Committee

    • Keep abreast of the latest methods and procedures related to administrative practice
    • Organise educational and other self-improvement seminar/workshop for the benefit of members and public

    Membership Committee

    • Responsible for recruitment and selection process of members
    • Organise membership drive programme
    • Maintenance of membership records, reviewing and updating of membership status

    Programmes Committee

    • Organise social and recreational activities
    • Coordinate community projects

    Public Relations Committee

    • Promote the Association
    • Liaise with the mass media as well as other professional associations within and outside Singapore
    • Strengthen fellowship spirit amongst members and
    • Responsible for publication of the Association's newsletter