Badge, Voting & Privileges


Every member inaugurated shall receive a membership badge and be entitled to hold the badge subject to annual notification of their renewal by the Council upon payment in advance of the annual subscription.

Membership badge shall be issued free of charge. In the event of loss of membership badge, a fee will be levied for the replacement. In the event of cessation of membership, the membership badge shall remain as property of the Association and shall be returned to the Association.


Each Fellow Member and Life Member Fellow of the Association shall be entitled to one vote at the Annual General Meeting and other general meetings of the Association.

Membership Privileges

    • Preferential rate/Member rate to SAAP seminar/workshop/events and Affiliate organisations’ events
    • Regular email communications and updates of activities, circulars and industrial news
    • Access to MDIS, NTUC U Associate and SCWO-affiliate organisations’ events
    • Receive updates on job opportunities through our job placement services
    • Receive preferential rate to the catering and other services provide by our partner - Commonwealth Concept Pte Ltd (sponsor of Administrative Professionals Week Closing Event - Picnic Party on 27 April 2019)